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Prism, Base and Near/Add is not required by everyone. Please ignore if it is not on your prescription.
This information is not required by everyone.
Please ignore if it is not on your prescription.
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Further notes

Your PD Measurement

Your PD measurement is the distance between the centres of your pupils and is required to ensure you get the best possible vision from your new glasses. Measured in millimetres (mm) your pd helps us make sure the optical centre of the lens is directly in line with the centre of your pupils. Most adults will have a PD measurement of between 60-70mm.

PD Measurement (supplied by optician in mm)

Please note: your PD measurement may be written as a single number i.e 66 or as two values i.e R:33/L:33. Please supply exactly as written on your prescription

Help! What’s my PD?

All opticians are required to take your PD measurement if they have made glasses for you, but many won’t write it on your prescription. If your optician is unwilling to provide you with the information, it is possible to get a family member or friend to do it for you. For information on measuring your PD, click here.

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PD Measurement

(supplied by customer in mm)

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If you are unsure about any part of your prescription, please call us on 0208 686 5708.

If you are having trouble reading your optician’s handwriting, you can also scan your prescription and upload it below or you can send it to us by post. If you choose the second option, please click the button before you submit your details. This adds a note to your order and tells us not to start making your glasses until we have received your prescription.

(Please send to Optilabs Ltd, 109 Stafford Road, Croydon, CR0 4NN)
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