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Optilabs offer a wide range of prescription sunglasses are perfectly suited to all types of cycling. Whether you enjoy road cycling or off road cycling, all our prescription sunglasses are specifically designed with your comfort and performance in mind.

Optilabs continues to regularly update their cycling glasses collection resulting in a huge choice of styles for both prescription and non-prescription wearers. The Swift & Switch frames are among the latest additions and are already proving to be a very popular choice with cyclists who what a choice of interchangeable lenses. Optilabs's bestselling 'Rapide' & 'Cobra' sunglasses with an ergonomic wraparound design and superb airflow are also not to be forgotten and, for smaller faces, choose the 'Savanna' sunglasses in either blue or black for a perfect fit.

What lenses do I choose?

If you are a cyclist who wears prescription glasses, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make when choosing your frames, is whether you want a direct-glazed or insert frame. Optilabs
offer a wide range in both styles – here’s a quick guide.

Direct-glazed styles: This is the technical name for a ‘normal’ pair of sunglasses, where the precription lenses are fitted directly into the frame. They often come in an ergonomic wraparound design, which allows for a slightly wider field of vision. Direct-glazed lenses are not interchangeable, so choosing the right lens is important.

For prescription road cycling sunglasses, we recommend either Optilabs standard polarised lenses (available in a variety of tints) or polarised mirror finish lenses. Both polarised cycling lenses offer enhanced definition which is vital for maximum visual perfomance and safety. Our mirror lenses come in silver, gold or blue to co-ordinate with your frames.

Off-road cyclists often require lenses that adapt to different light conditions – moving from wooded areas into bright sunlight can be a particular problem. Optilabs' Ultra 2000 (Drivewear®) lens is a major advancement in variable tint technology combining amazing light enhancing properties with phenomenal horizontal polarization to give outstanding performance in both low light and bright sunshine. Optilabs also offer standard photochromic (transitions) lenses for all types of prescription.

Insert styles: These glasses come as part of a sports pack which includes a range of interchangeable coloured polycarbonate shields (suitable for different light conditions) that attach to the frame. An optical insert, made to your individual prescription, clips to the nose bridge behind the coloured shields.

The the benefit of an optical insert is that it allows for contemporary frame styles that are just not possible with direct-glazed glasses.

Our Swift and Switch sports packs both have an additional hi-definition polarised shield to accompany the standard mirrored, low light and clear/protective shields.

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