Optilabs prescription sports sunglasses

With over 20 years experience, Optilabs are one of the UK's leading independent optical specialists. Based in Croydon, we are dedicated to producing high quality prescription sports glasses at our factory showroom. Whether you are a cyclist, fisherman, runner or golfer, we are confident we have a frame and lens combination to suit your requirements and give you that all important sporting advantage.

How to find a combination best for you

Using the 'search by sport' menu on the left of the page is the easiest and quickest way to make the right choice of frames. When you choose the frames you like, click for more details and you will see lots of information about available lens types and options. Decision made, click your lens type on the right hand side of the page and add to basket. You will then be able to choose frame colour and lens colour from the dop down menus. When you click the continue button you will be forwarded to the online buying pages to complete your transaction.

For more information on the different lens types that we offer, visit our Lens Lab.

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