Shooting Stars

Optilabs are incredibly proud to be sponsoring clay shooting champion Becky McKenzie with performance eyewear. Becky wears our ProVision shooting glasses with polarised lenses.



I have always been involved in sport one way or another, particularly in a male dominated environment. I left school to become a Flat Race Jockey, and trained at The British Racing School in Newmarket. Having set my targets at becoming a jockey, and after 6 years succeeding, I then sought out a further more challenging sport to get my teeth into.

Motorcycle Road Racing. Another male dominated sport! I had many good results against my male colleagues, my best being 2nd place against 31 men, in the 1000cc class at Mallory Park. At the end of my first year, I received the Most Outstanding Newcomer Award, at the East Midlands Racing Association Awards.

At this time, my partner introduced me to the sport of Clay Pigeon Shooting, what a mistake for him!! I was hooked straight away.

I started shooting in 2005, with a Winchester 6500 28″. Starting my career with extensive Skeet training, then progressing to Sporting targets. I then proceeded to undertake the task of mastering F.I.T.A.S.C.

Having shot my County championships, I then proceeded onto more challenging competitions, to push myself to a higher level of shooting skills.

In July 2007 I invested in a Krieghoff K80 Supersporter, which I have now mastered. In 2008, my hard work and extensive physical training started to pay dividends.

Here’s just a few of my achievements:

2008 qualification for the England World Sporting Team.
2008 English Open Ladies Silver medal (2nd best lady in England!)
2008 World Sporting Championship 5th overall in ladies (5th best lady in the world!)
2008  England Ladies Team silver medal. (Leading scorer in England Ladies Team)
2008  England Home International Gold Medal
2008  The British Open, Silver Medal
2008  The British Open 1st place B Class
2009  English Open Bronze medal
2009  World Sporting 4th best Lady in The World
2009 British Open Sportrap Ladies Champion
2010  East Midlands FITASC Ladies Champion
2010  Nottinghamshire County All Round Ladies Champion
2010  Ambassador Easter Challenge Ladies Champion
2010  English Open Sporting Silver Medal
2010  Clay Shooting Classic Silver Medal
2010  World Sporting Silver Medal
2010  England Sporting Ladies High Gun
2010  England FITASC Ladies High Gun
2010  Nottinghamshire Ladies FITASC Champion.

2011  Triple Classic Prelim Silver Medal ( I brought back 8 medals from the USA!)
2011 GB FITASC Ladies Team Member
2011 World FITASC Championships GB ladies Team GOLD MEDAL
2011 British FITASC Grand Prix Silver Medal
2011 East Midlands British Open Sporting Team GOLD
2011 British Open Sporting Silver Medal
2011 Home International FITASC Team England Ladies GOLD

2012 Grand Masters FITASC Ladies Champion
2012 World FITASC Championship Team GB Bronze Medal
2012 UK FITASC Ladies Champion
2012 Home International Ladies Champion

2013 British Grand Prix FITASC Ladies Champion
2013 British Open Sporting Ladies Silver Medal
2013 World All Round Ladies Champion
2013 English Open Fitasc Champion

2014 UK Fitasc Ladies Champion
2014 World Prelim Silver medal
2014 British grand Prix Fitasc Ladies Champion
2014 English Open Fitasc silver medal
2014 British Open Sportrap Silver medal
2014 WORLD ALL ROUND Ladies Champion

2015 World Fitasc Ladies TEAM Gold
2015 Notitngham Ladies Fitasc Champion
2015 East Midlands Ladies Fitasc Champion
2015 National Intercounties Ladies Sporting Champion
2015 Dutch Grand Prix Ladies Champion

2016 World Sporting Prelim Bronze Medal
2016 World Sporting Fitasc Lady Champion
2016 European GB Fitasc team member
2016 World Fitasc Team Member.