Flame – non prescription



  • Red frame with white side detailing
  • Wraparound design for sport
  • Styled for comfort
  • Anti-slip rubber arms and bridge
  • Supplied with a soft bag and FREE UK P&P
  • Hurry – limited stock at this price


  • Non prescription lenses only
  • Fitted with ruby rainbow mirror finish lenses
  • Lenses feature anti-mist lens vents
  • Made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate or CR39
  • UV protection
  • Water repellent

This frame is sold as pictured. it is fitted with non prescription ruby rainbow mirror-finish lenses.

Photochromic Lenses

Colours: Brown, grey & green
Available lens types: Single vision prescription, bifocal, varifocal & non-prescription

Lens information: Photochromic lenses have a variable tint and darken and lighten rapidly depending on light conditions. This makes them the perfect choice for many sports. In very low light our photochromic lenses will go virtually clear meaning that they can still offer vital protection whilst maintaining good vision. Our photochromic lenses use Transitions optical technology – as advertised on TV.

Tints: Brown & Grey are the most popular tints for most sports glasses and blend well with virtually all frame colours. Brown lenses offer the best vision over a wide range of lighting conditions and really enhance shades of green (i.e. trees, bushes, and grass). Grey lenses are better for high levels of light whilst maintaining true colour perception. Green is a general purpose tint and is good at preserving colour balance. Green lenses increase contrast mildly whilst dimming bright light and brightening shadows.

Mirror Finish Lenses

Lenses: Fitted with ruby rainbow mirror-finish lenses with a grey tinted base
Available lens types: non-prescription only