Choose the most advanced lens on the market


Prepared to be impressed! 3-in-1 Transitions Drivewear® lenses were originally designed for the road but their revolutionary optical properties make them perfect for a wide range of sports too. They really are the only sunglasses lens you’ll ever need. From bright sunlight and blinding glare, to cloudy overcast conditions, Drivewear® lenses quickly adjust – providing outstanding visual performance – whatever the weather. Suitable for daytime use only. Protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Colours: Variable tint. Olive green to dark brown
Available lens types: Single vision prescription, bifocal, varifocal & non-prescription

Lens information: At the core of the Transitions Drivewear® are lenses that react to changing levels of light. In low light and overcast conditions (where other lenses would struggle) Transitions Drivewear® are a green/yellow colour to provide high contrast and maximize useful light information reaching the eye. As the light increases, the lenses change to a copper shade or dark reddish-brown colour (depending on the amount of light). Brown is a colour which most people find is the most visually comfortable. It is dark enough to remove excess light and provide good detail recognition. It can also improve depth perception.

In bright sunshine, Transitions Drivewear® lenses are designed to change to a dark reddish-brown colour. This offers superior filtration of excess light and to provide increased protection from bright light. The brown colour of the lens enables excellent colour recognition with a special emphasis on highlighting greens. Because green is the most common color in the natural landscape, these lenses provide a great visual experience in the countryside.

The power of polarisation
What makes Drivewear lenses so special is that they combine Transitions® photochromic technology with NuPolar® polarisation technology for the ultimate visual experience. Typically, efficient glare-reducing polarisation only occurs when the lenses are very dark. Transitions Drivewear® lenses combining amazing light enhancing properties with phenomenal horizontal polarisation – meaning that wearers can experience the visual benefits of polarisation even when the lenses are not extremely dark. This was achieved only by pushing polarised manufacturing technologies to new levels of exceptional performance and light transmittance. Transitions Drivewear® lenses are polarised at all times and in all conditions.

The all-round lens
Transitions Drivewear® are the ultimate combination for both sport and driving. The lenses will adjust fully behind the windscreen of the car unlike other photochromic lenses. Visit our driving pages for more information. They also offer superior visual performance for safety and traffic light recognition, plus they are impact, water and chemical resistant to give you the best peace of mind possible.