Derek Elliott – my fishing glasses and me

Derek Elliott is an avid sea, game and coarse fisherman whose passion for angling takes him to far flung places around the world. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, he certainly knows a thing or two when it comes to fishing.

“For over a decade I have been a very satisfied wearer of Optilabs polarised fishing sunglasses which I have used extensively in all seasons and on many tropical fishing trips.

My main fishing interests in the UK are fly-fishing for trout, and coarse fishing for barbel. In both cases, good quality polarised glasses are one of the most essential items in my tackle bag.

Abroad, my main interests are fly-fishing on flats and shallow mangrove bays for bonefish and tarpon. Again, polarised glasses are an absolute essential. The elusive and perfectly camouflaged bonefish (also known as the ‘grey ghost’) can be extremely difficult to spot as it cruises the shallow waters of the Caribbean and Bahamian Islands – but my Optilabs fishing glasses have always been up to the task.

I also do many offshore popping and jigging trips for tropical species around the world and good quality sunglasses are vital to protect my eyes against glare. Late in 2018, it became clear that the prescription in my fishing glasses was out of date and a new pair was needed. After a visit to the Optilabs showroom in Croydon, I selected the Norville frame and chose Transitions Drivewear® varifocal lenses, which were glazed to my prescription. Optilabs were kind enough to let me take a small selection of frames home with me to seek family approval before purchasing. This was a real help.

I can honestly say, without a doubt, that my Optilabs sunglasses are the best I have worn in 50 years of fishing. I am a very critical user who has sensitive eyes and hates glare, but I have been delighted with their performance in both the UK and the Tropics. It’s invaluable that I am able to use them in all light conditions. The Norville frame is both light and extremely comfortable and my varifocal prescription means that I never have need to remove my glasses when fishing. I cannot praise them more highly and would thoroughly recommend them to any angler .”

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Rooster Fish
Sierra Mackerel
Hunting the elusive Bonefish