When it comes to shooting, vision and protection are paramount but, we are often asked if our prescription shooting glasses are also suitable for everyday use. The answer is yes. Champion clay-shooter, Becky McKenzie, believes our Rapide frames with Transitions Drivewear® lenses are a combination that’s hard to beat. Wearing Optilabs Rapide frames she became Ladies Champion at the recent EuroCash Shoot in France, followed by second place in the FITASC Sporting English Open Championship. Although Transitions Drivewear® lenses were originally created for drivers, their incredible light-reactive photochromic technology and NuPolar® polarisation provide a superior visual experience in both low light and bright sunshine. Combined with our Rapide frames, they offer great vision and wraparound protection – perfect for shooting and everyday use.

Becky says “My Rapide frames with Transtions Drivewear® lenses are great. I have fantastic vision at all times – whether that’s shooting, driving or relaxing!

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