Becky McKenzie – shooting star

When clay shooting champion Becky McKenzie came to Optilabs in 2015 she had been struggling with her existing prescription lenses. After we explained the differences between her old lenses and ours, we made her a pair of our ProVision shooting glasses. These have an adjustable nose piece and a wide field of vision. Becky was over the moon. “I now have a great set of glasses and my vision when shooting has improved 100%.”

Becky’s prescription changed in 2018 and this time she opted for our Rapide glasses. They proved a great fit for her face and also provided wraparound protection. Even better, she could wear them when she was away from the shooting ground. As for their performance? Well, looking at her results below, we think that speaks for itself!

For 2019 & 2020, Becky wears our FLOW frame – which is our best-selling design by far. She has tried a variety of lens colours throughout the year and tells us what works best for her.

“At the beginning of the 2019 season, Optilabs kindly sponsored me with two sets of their FLOW frames, with prescription lenses – yellow lenses for low light, and Transitions Drivewear® lenses for sunshine and brighter conditions. I found this frame and lens combination excellent, and wearing them I became English Open Compak Ladies Champion which I am thrilled about. I also love the fact I can wear the pair with Transitions Drivewear® lenses for everyday use, away from the shooting ground.

Whilst coaching my shooting clients during the summer, I had quite a few enquiries about different lens colours. So I asked Optilabs if I could try out the Flow frame with both green lenses and rose/vermilllion. My favourite lens is the rose/vermillion. It’s brilliant in low light, and also good in brighter conditions too. It really makes orange clays ‘ping’ in colour whilst dulling out background colours.

The quality of the Optilabs lenses is fantastic and, I believe, are the best on the market. The FLOW frame, has an adjustable nose piece and arms, so they fit perfectly to any head size. They’re the most comfortable shooting glasses I have ever had. The side of the lenses have a small cut out to reduce and help clear steaming up – which is awesome. And no, when you place your head on the stock of your gun, you cannot see the cutaway! I recommend them highly”.



I have always been involved in sport one way or another. I started shooting in 2005 with extensive Skeet training, then progressing to Sporting targets. I then proceeded to undertake the task of mastering FITASC.

Having shot my County championships, I then proceeded onto more challenging competitions, and in 2008, my hard work and extensive physical training started to pay dividends.

In February 2018, I decided on a big change. Having been in a sales job for over 20 years, I fufilled a dream to become a Clay Target Coach. I started my own business, Becky McKenzie Shooting and Coaching (, and have been coaching from beginners to budding England shooters alongside my shooting competitions.

I also bought my own Kreighoff K80, 12-gauge 32″ Super Sporter and am getting a custom stock made for it. This is what I will be using in 2020 when I shoot at the major championships I am booked into – The Eurocash shoot in France, The European Fitasc in Italy, The Steel Challenge in Holland, and the Perazzi Cup in Germany.

Here’s just a few of my shooting achievements:

2008 English Open Ladies Silver medal (2nd best lady in England!)
2008 World Sporting Championship 5th overall in ladies (5th best lady in the world!)
2008  England Home International Gold Medal

2009  World Sporting 4th best Lady in The World
2009 British Open Sportrap Ladies Champion

2010  Clay Shooting Classic Silver Medal
2010  World Sporting Silver Medal

2011 Triple Classic Prelim Silver Medal (I brought back 8 medals from the USA!)
2011 World FITASC Championships GB ladies Team GOLD MEDAL
2011 Home International FITASC Team England Ladies GOLD

2012 Grand Masters FITASC Ladies Champion
2012 World FITASC Championship Team GB Bronze Medal
2012 British Open Sporting Ladies Champion
2012 UK FITASC Ladies Champion

2013 British Grand Prix FITASC Ladies Champion
2013 World FITASC Campionship Bronze Medal
2013 World All Round Ladies Champion
2013 English Open Fitasc Champion

2014 UK Fitasc Ladies Champion
2014 World Prelim Silver medal
2014 British Grand Prix Fitasc Ladies Champion
2014 WORLD ALL ROUND Ladies Champion

2015 World Fitasc Ladies TEAM Gold
2015 Notitngham Ladies Fitasc Champion
2015 East Midlands Ladies Fitasc Champion
2015 National Intercounties Ladies Sporting Champion
2015 Dutch Grand Prix Ladies Champion

2016 World Sporting Prelim Bronze Medal
2016 World Sporting Fitasc Lady Champion
2016 European GB Fitasc team member
2016 World Fitasc Team Member

2017 Essex Masters Bronze medal
2017 English Open Fitasc Ladies Champion
2017 Southdown Grand Masters Ladies Champion
2017 World Fitasc Ladies 10th place
2017 ICTSF World Sportrap Bronze medal
2017 British All Round Ladies Champion
2017 British Open Sportrap B class Champion
2017 Nottinghamshire Sporting Ladies Champion
2017 Estonian Fitasc Grand Prix Ladies Champion
2017 East Midlands Intercounties Ladies Champion
2017 East Midlands Fitasc Ladies Champion

2018 English Open Fitasc Silver medal
2018 Euro Cash Ladies Champion
2018 European Fitasc Championship 4th
2018 Welsh Fitasc Selection Silver
2018 Dutch Grand prix Fitasc Ladies Champion
2018 Dutch Compak Bronze medal
2018 Kreighoff Masters Silver Medal
2018 Perazzi Cup Ladies Champion
2018 East Midlands Intercounties Ladies Fitasc Champion

2019 English Open Compak Ladies Champion
2019 UK Fitasc Bronze medal
2019 British Masters and Grand Prix Bronze Medal
2019 Dream Team Cup Compak Gold medal
2019 Dream Team Cup Fitasc Silver medal