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As the day grow shorter, and the light levels reduce, choosing the right lenses becomes even more important to get the best out of your sports glasses.

Our Transitions photochromic lenses are a popular choice for year-round vision as they darken and lighten depending on light levels. In their ‘low light’ state these lenses are virtually clear so they can be worn throughout the day, and as the light fades. However, whilst photochromic (and clear) lenses will protect your eyes against dirt, debris and of course, UV, the smart choice, for autumn and winter lies in lens colours that are reminiscent of sunnier days.

Yellow lenses are the number one choice for low light. They make the very best out of overcast conditions by adding contrast to increase clarity and blocking blue light to visually brighten your field of view. The effect is like switching a light to banish a dull day and they can really help boost vision in autumn and winter. Yellow lenses also reduce strain on tired eyes.

Two other colours that are ideal in cloudy conditions are orange and vermillion/rose. These colours also add contrast and definition and they make everything in your field of vision appear sharper. Orange & red lenses offer excellent depth perception making them helpful for hazy and foggy conditions.

Transitions® Drivewear lenses are an incredible piece of optical technology which are suitable for both overcast conditions and bright sunshine. What makes them so special is the powerful combination of Transitions® photochromic technology with NuPolar® polarisation technology, which creates a lens that not only darkens and lightens with changing UV levels, it also cuts out harmful glare too. Transitions® Drivewear Lenses also react seamlessly behind the windscreen of your car, making them the ultimate driving lens.

A point to note: Unlike standard Transitions photochromic lenses, Drivewear Lenses will never go clear. Their low light state is a yellow/green colour. Whilst many people wear Transitions® Drivewear all year round, a small number believe they are too dark for the very low light levels in winter months. In these cases, most people will opt for a dedicated low light yellow lens or a clear lens.

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