Prescription fishing sunglasses


Optilabs' range of prescription sunglasses that are perfectly suited to fishermen who enjoy fly fishing, coarse fishing or sea fishing. Optilabs has introduced 5 new frames into their fishing glasses collection in 2013 resulting in a large choice of styles for both prescription and non-prescription wearers. Both the 'Canoe' and Henley' frames are super lightweight and float if dropped in water and are proving to be popular choices. For fishermen who like the flexibilty of interchangeable lenses, the Swift and Switch are an excellent option with their additional polarised shield. Or choose from our fantastic 'Storm' fishing sunglasses with ventilated shields which mould to your face for safety and comfort, or Optilabs' bestselling 'Blackbird' and 'Panther frames. Both of these sports glasses are specifically designed with your comfort and safety in mind as they come fitted with detachable side shields and rubberised arm grips.


What lenses do I choose?

If you are a fisherman who wears prescription glasses, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make when choosing your frames, is whether you want a direct-glazed or insert frame. Optilabs
offer a wide range in both styles – here’s a quick guide.

Direct-glazed styles: This is the technical name for a ‘normal’ pair of sunglasses, where the precription lenses are fitted directly into the frame. They often come in an ergonomic wraparound design, which allows for a slightly wider field of vision. Direct-glazed lenses are not interchangeable, so choosing the right lens is important.

For fishermen who enjoy a wide range of light conditions, we recommend our Ultra 2000 (Drivewear®) polarised lenses. Our premier lens, the Ultra 2000 (Drivewear®) lens is a major advancement in variable tint technology, giving outstanding performance in both low light and bright sunshine. These lenses are also polarised, which cuts out the glare from the surface of the water, so perfect for spotting fish!

In its 'low light' state, the Ultra 2000 (Drivewear®) lens has an olive green tint. This is designed specifically for lighting conditions where a normal lens would struggle. As the light increases, the fishing lens will darken to a deep brown giving you the perfect degree of glare-free vision. Available in single vision, bifocal, varifocal and non prescription.

For prescription fishing glasses for fair weather we offer our polarised lenses. These give enhanced definition, vital for maximum visual perfomance and safety. The fishing glasses also cut out the horizontal glare which you get from the surface of the water and so are great for spotting fish! Our polarised fishing lenses come in a variety of colours but brown or grey is the best 'all-round' tint, the others are much more specialist. Polarised fishing lenses have single vision, bifocal, varifocal and non prescription options available.


Insert styles: These glasses come as part of a sports pack which includes a range of interchangeable coloured polycarbonate shields (suitable for different light conditions) that attach to the frame. An optical insert, made to your individual prescription, clips to the nose bridge behind the coloured shields.

The benefit of an optical insert is that it allows for contemporary frame styles that are just not possible with direct-glazed glasses.

Our Swift and Switch sports packs both have an additional hi-definition polarised shield to accompany the standard mirrored, low light and clear/protective shields - perfect for fishermen.

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